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  • The Cardinals Cheerleaders began in 1961 with local models who were hired to appear at every home game. From 1964 to 1968, the Washington University Cheerleaders had taken over the job of being the Cardinals Cheerleaders, actually cheering on the sidelines. By mid-1969, a decision was made to have local high school cheer squads join the Cardinals on the field.

    Eventually, Robert Hyland, of KMOX radio, decided we needed a group of hometown cheerleaders for the Cardinals. Auditions were held summer of 1973. These ladies became the first official Big Red Line Cheerleaders!

    However, by mid-1976, Hyland decided the cheerleaders were not what he had envisioned. He teamed up with the head of the Mizzou Golden Girls, and for the next few years, these ladies were the Big Red Line.

    The 1970ís gave the Big Red Line their first NFL history making moment as they accompanied the St Louis Cardinals to play the first NFL game outside of the United States on August 16th, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan.

    By 1980, Robert Hyland wanted to bring the Big Red Line back to St Louis in addition to adding men to the lineup.

    In April 1982, an ad was placed in the Post announcing auditions for men to join the Big Red Line. A KMOX spokesman is quoted "We want to get away from the costume and dance lines that most teams have now. We want to get back to the old fashion traditional rah-rah cheerleading that can stir up the crowd."

    This was the second time the Big Red Line made NFL history: becoming the first NFL squad to include men. Unfortunately, the men didnít work out after the 1982 season but the ladies did become the cheerleaders Hyland envisioned. They were given tests regarding the game, lead sideline cheers, and engaged the fans to join in with chants to increase audience participation.

    The last St Louis home game was December 1987. By January 1988, the Cardinals announced they were moving to Phoenix, a move approved by the NFL in March 1988. The Big Red Line Cheerleaders last appeared in public representing the St Louis Football Cardinals July 1st 1988. The Big Red Line did not move to Arizona with the football Cardinals.

    Today, the Big Red Line Cheerleaders are still part of St Louis. Guest appearances and performances for local charities along with St Louis historical events bring these cheerleaders back to our wonderful city every year.

    Our Cardinals Fight Song: "The Cardinals are Charging"

    The Cardinals are charging
    Let's cheer them on their way
    Let's shout out with all our might
    We'll show 'em how a team can fight
    For victory and glory
    Will make our joy supreme
    The pride of St Louis
    Our St Louis Cardinal team.

    - - - by Irving Bibo & Larry Kent, 1960

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